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11/24 -  BOSLEY UPDATE!!!
Well we got the biopsy back on Bosley. It was not great news but not horrible either. He had a mast cell - low grade - tumor and because of the location we were not able to get clean edges. So we pray that it does not return. He could be ok for weeks, months, years.... we just don't know. So with this information Brenda and Don have said that Bosley can live his life out with them. He is already a perfect fit.... Thank you both for caring!!!

11/10 - Bosley is now tumor free and has a normal size pee pee! Tumor came out easier than doc thought it would and closing went well. He also had 8 teeth extracted during his dental. Sent tumor to MSU for biopsy.  He is now resting comfortably with his foster mom Brenda.

10/9 - Bosley had his vet visit with Doc Childs today. He was such a good boy. Blood work was all good. Heartworm/Tick disease check was good. Heart was good. No other masses detected on x-rays of chest and abdomen. Aspirated some cells and it is not a lipoma or hernia - it is a tumor. We think it is only local so we are going to go ahead and try to remove it on 11/10. Doc will know more when he actually gets in there but we are hoping to remove most of it and reconstruct his sheath (polite as I can get). We are going to give him a chance at a more normal life for as long as we can and pray it did not nor does it spread. He will also have a dental at the same time for his nasty little teeth.

10/6 - INTRODUCING BOSLEY....Bosley is an stray we pulled from Bay County Animal Shelter. He has been there almost a month and was in very bad shape when he was found. He has been there because he has a very obvious problem and we are going to see if he can be helped. At this point we are not sure exactly what we are dealing with but will always look out for the best interest of the dog. He has an appointment with Dr. Childs Vet Clinic on Friday and we shall see if there is anything that can be done. If nothing else he is out of the shelter, been bathed and in a loving foster home...