• Owner: Barb Gregson


3/8 -  Let’s take a minute to talk about Grant….as someone who has spent the last week with him, I am going to try to explain him in the best way possible.

Grant is the type of guy you take home to meet your family. He is sweet and lovable to everybody, even if he just met them. Great with people of all ages. Which is awesome, but there are more important things you need to know. Grant is that clingy guy, you know like that old boyfriend/girlfriend who just always needs to be by you. He can be very talkative if your attention is elsewhere and he feels you should focus on him instead. Grant is not a gentleman, he will try to sleep with you on your first night together. Refer to previous comment and know he will persuade you. Once he gets in your bed you will be smothered with kisses in return for rubbing his belly. Then it gets tricky, Grant likes to spoon. No worries he is the perfect little spoon, but beware he needs to be touching you. Grant has a lot of spunk for a 5-6 year old. He loves long walks on a leash, and any type of fluffy toys. Weird request, because this typical man has selective hearing, you might not want to change his name, as he does have a good recall, but only to his name. Like all of us Grant is not perfect, he does have a marking issue and will need continuing training.

the idea home for Grant would be a family/person who is home more than away, as he is very attention driven. A friend his size would be a bonus as he loves interacting with the others here. Must have a fenced yard. Lastly, for this 4 legged soul mate, you must have love and patience to share for the rest of his life.

3/2 - PCMR. Welcomes Grant. He is a chunky little fellow, but just the sweetest outgoing guy. If you look at the face close up he has a perfectly shaped heart nose. He is estimated to be around 6-7years old(was best guess from previous owners vet.). We are still getting to know this little man, but I can tell you he is definitely a Velcro dog. He will need a home that allows pets on the furniture for sure! He will bark at you if he wants to be petted to remind you he is there. He is great with the other dogs here, and did the proper tail wagging butt sniffing that most dogs so when they meet. He is a marker we will work on that but he will need someone who can continue training. Grant will need a microchip and vet check before being adopted out, so get your pre-application in. A fenced yard will be required.