• Owner: Barb Gregson


8/17 - Meet Mr. Luka. He is looking for his furever family. Not going to lie I really want to keep him he is that great, if I didn’t have 6 I would in a heartbeat. Adopter beware I may cry handing over this handsome man, only happy tears though. The last 2 nights he has learned if he lays at bottom of stairs he can feel us coming down in the morning to make sure he gets greeted right away.

A little about Luka. He is completely deaf and partially blind(believe he can only see shadows close up). He has a great nose though and sniffs out what he can’t see. He is the biggest love bug you will meet and super smart. Other dogs and cats do not seem to affect him either way, so if you are looking for a companion for another dog he is NOT your man. He just enjoys coexisting with them, not really interacting. People on the other hand, he just loves them. He enjoys napping in corners and against walls. He will cry if he gets confused out back(he knows his way already so it has not happened recently) and will let out an occasional bark. From what I can tell he is potty trained, he has used the pad and gone well outside on schedule. Today he showed a little more of his spunky side and did a couple zoomie spins. We are still working on leash/harness training, as he freezes when you put them on. He is UTD on shots, fixed, microchipped and just had his dental.

Before you apply you must meet at least the minimum requirements:

-fenced yard required

-must be able to lift 14 lbs if you have stairs to go out as he does not do them yet

-must be able to adhere to diet and a set feeding schedule 2 times daily. Morning and night. You can adjust times to fit your needs, but they need to remain primarily around the same time each day

-must have patience as he super special

-must continue to use touch signals to train and help navigate him. For example before picking up we rub our hand down side under the belly so he knows we are picking up, we never just grab him.

If interested please apply online. 


8/4 - Luka is a 6 year old, partially blind & deaf male Pomeranian. Luka has quite a past. He was picked up as a stray at 6 months old then adopted by his momma. She gave him a good life but just passed away from cancer. Her family was taking him to be euthanized when a friend/rescuer of his momma heard about it and swooped in and stopped it. We were contacted and I could not say no to this sweet little dog! We picked him up this morning. He was matted and stinky and nails over grown. I imagine his momma could not take care of him towards the end but you could tell he was loved! Well we very patiently groomed him and I am posting his before and after pictures. Thank you Mary R. for coming and helping me and keeping him calm!!! He will need to have a DHPP, HW test and a dental! His breath could knock you over! We will be looking for just the right home for him after his dental. I pray his momma is looking down smiling and knowing that we are taking care of her ;sweet baby!!!